What’s the difference between airless and compressed air paint sprayers?


Paint sprayers have revolutionized the way we approach painting tasks, providing faster and more efficient solutions than traditional brush and roller methods. There are two popular options, compressed air paint sprayer, and airless paint prayers that stand out for both beginners and professionals. If you find yourself torn between the two options, the following paragraph may guide you with a deeper understanding.

Airless paint sprayers and compressed air paint sprayers differ in terms of portability, pressure, and ease of use. Airless paint sprayers are generally more portable and operate at higher pressures compared to compressed air sprayers.

Airless Paint Sprayers

Airless paint sprayers are designed to pump paint at high pressure, atomizing the paint into fine particles. These sprayers work by forcing the paint through a small opening, known as the spray tip or nozzle, at extremely high pressure. The high pressure breaks the paint into a fine mist, which is then evenly sprayed onto the surface.

Pros of Airless Paint Sprayers

Enhanced Portability

One prominent advantage of using an airless paint sprayer is its superior portability compared to traditional alternatives. Ideal for job sites and projects involving large surface areas or challenging-to-reach spots, airless paint sprayers offer convenient maneuverability.

Superior Paint Finish

When it comes to achieving a smooth and flawless paint finish, airless paint sprayers outperform other options. Their efficient technology ensures an even application, resulting in professional-looking results.

Consistent High Pressure

Airless paint sprayers maintain a steady and high-pressure stream of paint through the nozzle, eliminating the need to build pressure with an attached compressor, which is often required for traditional sprayers. However, it’s crucial to exercise caution when handling airless sprayers, as PSI levels can reach hazardous levels if not used properly.

Cons of Airless Paint Sprayers

Prep Time Consuming

The prep time required for an airless paint sprayer to be somewhat tiresome. While this may hold true for tasks that are relatively quick and straightforward, it may prove more beneficial for larger and more complex projects.


Another drawback of utilizing an airless sprayer is the additional time required for cleaning up the spray gun and flushing the paint from the hose and pump.

Based on these shortcomings, Inokraft has revoluted two brand new airless models which fully address the issues. They gain improved control and maneuverability through the swivel joint design of the Inoflex spray gun, allowing you to effortlessly apply unthinned paints or stains with precision. Once you’re done, revel in a stress-free cleaning process, taking just 10 minutes, thanks to the convenient Flush-Ease valve that easily connects directly to your home’s garden hose.

Compressed Air Paint Sprayers

Compressed air paint sprayers, also known as conventional or HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) sprayers, use compressed air to atomize the paint before spraying it onto the surface. The paint is mixed with the compressed air inside the spray gun, creating a fine mist that is then applied to the target area.

Pros of Compressed Air Paint Sprayers

Finer Finishes

Compressed air sprayers are known for providing a smooth, professional finish, making them suitable for detailed work and furniture painting.

Low Overspray

Compared to airless sprayers, compressed air sprayers generate less overspray, reducing the risk of paint wastage and mess.

Controlled Application

These sprayers allow precise control over the spray pattern and flow rate, enabling painters to achieve intricate designs.

Cons of Compressed Air Paint Sprayers

Slower Application

Compressed air sprayers have a lower transfer rate, meaning they may take longer to cover larger surfaces compared to airless sprayers.

Not Ideal for Thick Coatings

HVLP sprayers may struggle with thicker coatings, requiring additional thinning or an alternative method for application.

Notably, the choice between airless and compressed air paint sprayers is not absolute. There are several factors that need to be considered when making choices. Get to get the details about how to choose paint sprayers.

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