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What is Hex shank twist drill bit?

Twist drill bits are commonly used for metal, woodwork and plastic material drilling, the hex shank twist drill bit is a kind of special twist drill bits. Common twist drill bits are usually used with a round shank and also called round shank twist drill bits, while the hex shank twist drill bits consist of a main twist drill body and a hexagonal base.

difference of straight shank drill bit and hex shank drill bit

What are the changes?

The round shank and hex shank twist drill bits seems only different in base design. But in fact, there are many differences and improvements that are difficult to recognized.

1st change: Different Material

Common twist drill bits are made with bearing steel like GCr15. Our Amoolo Hex Shank Twist Drill Bits are made with High Speed Steel (HSS) of 4341. The HSS is harder and more durable with bearing steel.

High-Speed Steel AISI M2 performance benchmark

2nd Change: Different Process

Due to the rapid development of machine process, our Amoolo Hex Shank Twist Drill Bits are made by Fully-Ground Process with HSS4341. Common twist drill bits are just made by rolling process with bearing steel which usually exist quite a few inherent defects and are easy prone to breakage with high-strength use, while Fully-Ground drill bits are tougher and more durable.

Titanium Coated 4341 Hss Steel, Fully Ground Process, Spiral Grooves Design

3rd Change: Different Base

Hex Shank Base replaces round shank to prevent the bit slipping off from the chunk of power drills during drilling and also allows for quick clamping with Impact Drivers, Screw Guns, Right Angle Drills and such power tools with 1/4” hex chunk.

Hex Shank Base, Amoolo

Plus Change: Difference Pin Hex

The common hex shank drill bits on the market adopt Glue & Press to place the drill body into the hexagonal shank, which is often damaged and falls off due to excessive torque during use. Our Amoolo Hex Shank Twist Drill Bits adopts press-in pins into the shank to clip drill body solid. This process change has made great improvement of the quality and performance of, and now you can use your hex shank twist drills more smoothly!

sturdy insert chunk

What are the features?

Amoolo Hex Shank titanium twist drill bits are convenient and reliable choice for any beginner or professional worker. You can use it while drilling PVC water pipes for home improvement, drilling wood, soft metal and steel sheet below 5mm. BTW, you can pre-drill with a small size drill bit, then ream the hole with a big drill bit.

Features 1. 135-degree tip drill bis can drill tougher materials and increase product durability with straight, smooth and bright holes.

Features 2. The double helix structure allows rapid chip removal.

Features 3. The design of the hex shank can be adapted into the chunks of Power Drills, Right Angle Drills, Impact Drivers etc.

Features 4. The set of Amoolo Hex Shank titanium twist drill bits has supplementary pcs of commonly used sizes.

amoolo drill bit for multiple applications

Like our great hex shank twist drill bits develop from a little change into now a great product. All woodworking skills also accumulated from again and again changes. Every master starts from an amateur. Now, get start with your hex shank twist drill.

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