Titanium Coated Oscillating Saw Blade


We have talked about the popularity, and wide application of oscillating tool blades in daily work on the last page of Classic Oscillating Saw Blades —— Standard Tooth Blades. Oscillating saw blades are welcomed by both professional woodworkers and DIYers, which are easy to get handy, and the compact design is convenient to use in narrow workplaces while other power tools can’t. By the way, the thinner and neater the oscillating tool blade is, the more convenient and precise the cutting groove is.

Titanium Coated Oscillating Saw Blade, No teeth damaged, easy to cut.

The ultra-thin blade can cut accurate and precise grooves but wear out sooner. The titanium-coated oscillating saw blades come out to give the oscillating tool blade a longer service life and good performance. With titanium plating, the wear resistance of the oscillating saw blade is significantly improved, which can effectively extend the service life of the oscillating saw blade. The surface hardness and cutting efficiency of the oscillating saw blade have also been greatly improved, and the cutting process can be completed more quickly than the general carbon steel oscillating saw blade.

What Can Titanium Coated Oscillating Saw Blade Do?

Compared to the general carbon steel and bi-metal saw blade, an oscillating saw blade plated with titanium is more wear-resistant and heat-resistant. Despite cutting cork, plaster, and plastic, this feature determines that titanium-coated oscillating saws can be used on harder woods and metals. Excellent wear resistance and heat resistance greatly improve the service life and provide a better cutting performance. 

ToolAnt VS Big Name

The titanium plating process requires higher investment in technology and material costs, so market prices are generally high. To provide you with high-quality saw blades with titanium coating at a reasonable price, our product sourcing team spent months finding the best one. Compared to some big names, ToolAnt brings big-name quality tools directly to you. 

  • same teeth type
  • same class hardness
  • same cutting efficiency
  • same service life

Without sourcing offices, retailers, and brand premium, ToolAnt found the manufacturer directly and has achieved nearly the lowest price. We assure you of the nice price and the premium quality. Why not buy this and prove it by yourself? 

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