One Coupler Makes Quick Release Bar Clamp Become Transformer


What is Quick Release Bar Clamps?

Quick release bar clamps are a kind of commonly used and helpful clamp for construction. The quick grip clamp can be used with one hand to lock and release. They are commonly used for gluing woodworking joints, gluing wood panels, metalworking, welding, and other home DIY projects. These can hold your workpieces tightly and make permanent attachments.

The most commonly used size of quick-release bar clamps is 6inch. But sometimes you will need a larger one than this common-sized one for a particular purpose. What will you do if you need a quick-release bar clamp larger than 6inch? Buy a new one of 12inch? or 18inch? 

What is Quick Release Bar Clamp with Coupler?

The coupler is something that can combine two quick-release bar clamps into one and expand the clamp throat width from 6inch to almost 17.5inch. You can use a set of combined quick-release bar clamps to finish a huge project. And the combined quick-release bar clamps get triggered on both sides which can help you use it more conveniently.

Why Standard Tooth Blades?

How to Use the Coupler?

You just need two simple steps with Augtouf QUICK GRIP ONE-HANDED BAR CLAMP SET

1st —Release the fixed end from the rail of two quick-release bar clamps.
2nd —Insert the rail ends of the two quick-release bar clamps into each end of the coupler. Then you can get a 17.5in quick release bar clamp with the double trigger.

Why is Augtouf Quick Release Bar Clamp Set?

  • The unique quick-grip button allows the bar clamp to be easily converted into a spreader
  • Up to 180lbs of squeezing force and great impact resistance
  • The coupler connects two clamps and doubles the opening capacity 

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