Industrial Grade Step Drill Bit


Why M35 Aluminum Nitride Step Drill Bit?

Most step drills in the market are made of high speed steel (HSS) with titanium coated. The titanium plated process does meet general drilling needs such as drilling soft metal sheet thickness less than 0.021inch (No. 25 Sheet Metal Gauge). Actually, most metal pipes are more than 0.05inch and made of stainless steel, so the traditional titanium coated step drill bit can’t drill well through them and may even get broken. To drill hard metal we need something more powerful.

Here is a question: when you want to drill a metal pipe or do HVAC repair work; what kind of drill bits do you need? A dozen of twist drill bits, a box of cobalt drill bits, or just one step drill bit?  The answer is one step drill bit of course.

What M35 Aluminum Nitride Step Drill Bit Can Do?

This M35 TiAlN four spiral step drill bit is made of industrial grade material. The main part is made of M35 high speed steel, which is more harder than traditional HSS. The HRC of general HSS is about 63-65, while M35 is about 67-70. Which means the M35 step drill bit can drill something harder than general HSS made bit.

Another improvement is about the coated material. General HSS step drill bit is titanium coated, while the M35 one is aluminum titanium nitride coated, which let the bit get 35 Gigapascal(GPa) Nano Hardness and 2800HV. These strengthened points can make metal drilling very easy. Compared to other step drill bits, this M35 step drill bit has four spiral flutes and these allow swarf escape easily, which guarantees a faster and smoother cutting.

If you are the one who has lots of metal cutting, you shouldn’t miss this M35 TiAlN four spiral step drill bit.

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