How to choose the right oscillating tool blades for your job


Over the past decade, oscillating tools have been a must-have for many DIY lovers. At the meantime, the argument on “Best Oscillating Tool Blade” never settled. Although many people were fascinated in looking for the best blade, we came out with a distinguished opinion after discussing with the industry experts.

Instead of the best blade, we suggest you make a choice on just what you need. For instance, carbide cutting blades were famous for their metal cutting efficiency and durability. These features are excellent, but at a cost. If you are dealing with woods without nails, why bother paying for what you do not need. High carbon steel blades could do the job at a much reasonable cost.

Oscillating tools have such an abundance in blades. Here, we begin with the most common ones, plunge cutting blades. These blades were widely used by the DIY community, very often for wood and drywall related cutting work at home. Review your project and identify your need. Then use the following tips to find the blades just cover all you need.

Tooth MaterialType of Tooth
Sample 1High Carbon Steel (HCS)Standard Tooth
Sample 2High Carbon Steel (HCS)Japanese Tooth
Sample 3Bi-MetalStandard Tooth
Sample 4Titanium Coated Bi-MetalStandard Tooth
Sample 5CarbideStandard Tooth
Sample 6High Carbon Steel (HCS)Standard Tooth

Cutting Precision
Short Conclusion

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