toolant Four Spiral Step Drill Bits for Metal – Improving Your Work Efficiency by 4X


Whether you are a Pro or a DIYer, you will be familiar with the step drill bits. When drilling holes of varying sizes, step drills will make your work easier and quicker. You might feel it easy to burr out the drill bits only after a few holes. This is because of the chip removal. For many years, there were only straight and up to 3 spiral flutes. toolant now brings new solutions to the market with its Four Spiral Design Series Step Drill Bits.

Four Spiral Flutes Lead Drilling to the Next Level

The most common use of step drills is drilling through a household plumbing pipe. Drilling a big-sized hole using an impact driver is not an easy job. You might be stuck in the metal for bigger steps, walking when you start drilling.

With four cutting edges, the step drill bits guarantee a faster and smoother cutting. Compared to the straight or 3 spiral flutes, the spiral groove significantly improves chip removal. Chips will result in significant heat buildup and cause the drill to burn out and you will get stuck. toolant Four Spiral Flutes design provides a better solution.

This is what toolant’s customer says about his experience. “Cutting metal is like a hot knife cutting through butter.”

Different Material and Coating Meets All Demand

Regarding the different application, toolant launches a whole product line covering the most commonly used coating and base material.

M35 Cobalt with AlTiN Coating

TiAlN (Aluminum Titanium Nitride Coating) coating delivers outstanding heat-resistant, wear-resistant and nano hardness. As a result, it gives Up to 10x Lifetime. You can achieve higher cutting speeds. Feels like a hot knife through butter! Designed for hard metal, stainless steel.

M2 High Speed Steel

M2 is characterized by well-balanced toughness, wear resistance and red hardness properties. Apply for carbon steel, aluminum sheet, soft metals, etc.

High Speed Steel with Titanium Coating

A general purpose coating, which improves the toughness of the drill bit, provides better chip flow and faster speed than uncoated ones.

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